Data Wizard file open dialog opens only directories not files

Syam Krishnan syamcr at
Sun Nov 24 08:49:27 GMT 2019


I just installed Kst plot software 2.0.8-23.fc30 on Fedora 30.

The data wizrd file open dialog is supposed to allow me to select a plot 
data file. I now see that the file open dialog does not allow to select 
files. It only allows to select directories. And that does not help as 
the wizard will proceed only if it gets a valid file.

I had used Kst on Fedora long back and it used to work fine.

Any idea why this is happening?

My thoughts:

     1. bug in Kst source code

     2. Something wrong with the file open dialog as it seems to be 
based on Qt4/KDE4 (or whatever)

     3. Kst has plugin support and the file selection logic is tied to 
available plugins and for some reason ASCII file handling is broken

Any help is highly appreciated.



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