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Mon Feb 4 21:30:05 GMT 2019

On Mon, Feb 4, 2019 at 7:49 PM Aldo Gonzalez wrote:
> Hello, I am Aldo from Buenos Aires. I would like use your soft to show and graphic information from an accelerometer Vs time, but I can not… can you help me??, there are 1 column of time, and 3 column with data from accelerometers.

Hi Aldo,

If the columns are separated by whitespace (tabs), and if in the first
place we are not interested in the time values, this would be easy on
the command line:
kst2 your_filename.txt -y 2 -y 3 -y 4
(replace kst2 with the full path to the .exe file if on Windows)
If the columns are separated by e.g. a semicolon, make sure you are
using a recent kst version, and insert the option: --asciiDelim ";"

For more information, e.g. on using the GUI, please see the
Documentation (also Video Tutorials) at

Best regards,

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