[Kst] questions about kst files

Brisset, Nicolas nicolas.brisset at airbus.com
Fri Feb 5 18:03:06 UTC 2016

Hi Daniel,

You can ask questions on this list, but be aware that this approach is not the recommended way.
In case you need to do things which are not possible with advanced built-in tools (like the data wizard, change data file dialog, or multiple mode – see video tutorials on youtube for more explanations) it is rather recommended to use python scripting.


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I'm trying to produce customized graphs by generating .kst files and then modifying them.  Some things are working, but others are not; could someone clarify some questions for me?

> I'm trying to customize my 3-plot accelerometer display
> My OS: Windows 7 64-bit
> Kst version 2.0.8

1. I enabled Legend by setting showLegend="true" ... however, it shows legends for all three items on one line!!  That's very hard to read; is there a way to force multi-line legend?
2. I want "X-only zoom" to be selected by default.  I set tiedxzoom="true", but the graph still comes up with "X-Y Zoom/Scroll" enabled instead.  I don't see a setting for "X-Y Zoom" nor "scroll" in the file.  Can I accomplish this somehow?

Thank you for any assistance that anyone can provide on this...

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