[Kst] NetCDF packages

Appel, Lynton Lynton.Appel at ccfe.ac.uk
Wed Oct 15 09:11:15 UTC 2014

Hi Nicolas
I developed a C++ API that I use in a code here at CCFE (Culham Centre 
for Fusion Energy, UK) called EFIT++.
This API is in the UNIDATA respository as you have noted.  I had a 
problem working with user-defined types
so I made some developments (improvements) on this which I never put 
back into the UNIDATA repository.
At the time there was a bug in the HDF5 layer which took some time to 
resolve by which I time I had less time
to work on the netCDF C++ aspect.
So in summary my netCDF C++ API as published on the website does work, 
but I have a better local version
that wasn't put back; also to my knowledge the original "official" one 
that is on the netCDF website doesn't work.

Hope that helps.....
On 14/10/2014 20:55, Nicolas Brisset wrote:
> Hi Christian/Jan,
> You may have seen on the Kst list that we're trying to get NetCDF-4 to work better, which requires to compile NetCDF it with HDF5 support.
> Under Linux, at least on OpenSuse, apparently there is HDF5 support. However, I tried to work with one file making use of newer NetCDF-4 features and I noticed that the C++ wrapper we use is obsolete.
> Apparently, since version 4.2 the C++ library has been improved by Lynton Appel (which I'm putting in CC in case he has news from the packaging front) and split out of the base package, see http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/downloads/netcdf/netcdf-cxx/index.jsp and http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf/docs/cxx4/
> Questions:
> 1) do you know who's maintaining the NetCDF packages?
> 2) do you think it would be an issue to update to this new wrapper?
> 3) if it's feasible, how can we best phase the changes so that we don't end up with a version with reduced support for NetCDF-4?
> I hope the questions are clear, otherwise don't hesitate to ask for clarifications!
> Thanks for your help,
> Nicolas

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