[Kst] Plan for 2.0.9 / 2.1.0?

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at free.fr
Thu Nov 20 22:15:34 UTC 2014

Hi Barth,

Sorry, my points were indeed not always clear.
Let's see if I can make them clearer!

> > , log spacing,
I mean when creating a vector currently you can only get a linearly-spaced list of points.
I think this could be interesting, and it's quite easy to implement. 

> > - Adding proper support for NetCDF-4 and maybe HDF5 (at least
> > recent Matlab
> files, also using HDF5 as backend) on all platforms.
> OK with me, but I won't be able to support this in any meaningful
> way.
Don't worry about that. I think I can handle it.

> >- Fix for the change data file bug, the tool hangs when there are
> >FFTs or other dependents!
> Ack!! should be high priority!  Bugzilla!!
OK. I first have to make some tests as I have a different behavior between Linux and Windows and depending on the type of dependent.
I'd like to narrow it down.

> >- Marker navigation (jump to previous/next) + using scalars
By navigation I mean being able to jump from one marker to the next easily, either via mouse or keyboard actions.
The other point is already in bugzilla: the possibility to use Kst scalars as markers (e.g. to materialize the max as a line through the whole plot).
> > - Possibility to use X and Y vectors as image index (e.g. lat/lon
> coordinates instead of the index)
I came to this when I did the video about images. I found lots of data indexed as a list of latitude/longitude values.
I think it would be nice to label the axes with these data instead of the plain indexes.

> > - Load color palettes from file
> Good idea.  Would an in-kst editor also be of value?
I don't know. I almost never use them. For me not, but I'm probably not representative.
For now I think adding the possibility to read them from a file is enough.

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