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Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Sat Jul 19 16:02:49 UTC 2014

Am 19.07.2014 15:28, schrieb Nicolas Brisset:
> Hi,
> I'm ready to send the release notes. The only thing that was holding me back was the availability of Windows packages.
> Now they're here with the right translations. I'm just unsure about the plugins for the 64 bit version: there are only very few.
> @Peter: could you please explain quickly how the packages are built? I'm a bit lost currently, and I can't estimate how much effort it is to add at least gsl plugins to the Win64/Qt5 build, which would be really nice.z

Run cmake with -Dkst_3rdparty_build=1 and be sure cmake picks up a 64bit 
compiler and a 64bit Qt. Then it downloads the 3rdparty sources
and tries to build them. Will only work with Mingw, but I'm sure it will
break at some point (so forget about the plugins for 2.0.8.)

> The alternative would be to send the release announcement now and send another mail in case we have better packages at some point.

Let's release 2.0.8 NOW.

> Nicolas
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>> Great.
>> Let's release.
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