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that sounds like a pretty interesting project to me. And as far as I know, nobody is currently working on this.
Feel free to ask questions here if you need support.
The first and biggest question I would have is whether you should not rather write a standalone application which logs data to a dirfile (sounds like a well-suited format for that application), which kst then picks up. The problem is that datasource plugins should keep the data available, so either you dump it to a file and then it is probably easier and more reusable to write an external app, or you would have to keep the data in memory. And even there, it could be more interesting to write an application that collects the data and writes it to shared memory, and a shared memory plugin for kst, which is something I’ve often dreamt of ☺
I think there has already been similar discussions in the past. I don’t have time right now to search the archives, but you could try looking for it.


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I'm a electronics engineer, I have used KST as a poor man oscilloscope using arduino.
I achived this by sending sensor value in csv formate.
I used GTKterm to log incoming data to a file, which was read by kst at the same time and I got plotted data.

I'm trying to make a plug-in for kst, which will be able to read /write to serial port and log the data to a file and plot it, it will also have settings to set the serial port and baudrate, selection of channels to read(currently arduino based on the atmega328 have 6 analog input pins).

Is any one working on somthing like this?
Hemal M. Chevli

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