[Kst] Data type number not reset with a new session

Ben Lewis egretengineering at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 01:39:08 UTC 2013


I think this is a bug. Steps to reproduce are:

1. Start Kst
2. Generate a new vector (Create > Vector > Generate)
3. The new vector is correctly named V1. This can be seen by going to View > Vector.
4. Start a new session (File > New Session > Discard Changes).
5. Generate a new vector (Create > Vector > Generate)
6. The new vector is incorrectly named V2. It should be called V1 since there are no other vectors 
in the new session.

This is the case for vectors but the same is true for equations and probably all other data types.

Would you like me to submit a bug report?

Regard, Ben

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