[Kst] Packages for 2.0.5?

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at free.fr
Fri May 18 09:02:34 UTC 2012

> No, this time I haven't build binaries for Linux.
> Only 85 downloads for 2.0.4 and the package misses
> Qt so I assume it is not very usable.
Right. One of the 85 downloads was mine (to install quickly on a machine running an end-of-lifed OpenSuse version) and it did not work due to incompatible Qt versions.
I'd say it is useful if you can compile with a static Qt, or at least bundle Qt with it. I know many people running old distros which will probably never get recent packages from the official repositories. I'm one of them, and many of my colleagues don't use recent versions due to non-existing packages. Finally, Windows users are better served, which is somewhat a pity!
> I think it would be better to add links in the Readme.txt
> on sf.
Can you explain a bit better what you mean here? Which links are you referring to?


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