[Kst] Remaining bugs in 2.0.5

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at free.fr
Thu Jun 21 21:13:43 UTC 2012


I have spent some time to sort the last mails and extract the remaining bugs, some of which were a bit hidden in comments. So here is the list of what I still see as of today, in decreasing order of importance. It should be mnior fixes.

- When you drag a text label, it first lands completely offset until you drag it again
- In zoom mode it is extremely hard to call the label menu from the RMB. In layout mode it's OK, but not everybody will think about that. Sometimes it works in zoom mode, but I haven't quite figured out when.
- When formatting text labels you don't see the effect in the preview at the top of the dialog, which would be minor if you saw the result when you hit apply but that's not the case. Apply seems to be broken!
- I can't get the What's this to show in the label dialog to get help on formatting => make it the tooltip?
- When using formatted text there is no underline button, even though it is pretty standard (there again, LaTEX is your friend... if you're a geek!). If it's not too hard, we could add it for the sake of habit. But it's not a real must. I'll let you decide on that one.
- Text labels look bad and are sluggish during drag. (Use transparency while dragging is checked, otherwise it looks even worse)
- One more small bug: when you have an "Edit view item" window open and close the main window, Kst does not exit and the view dialog remains open.

There are a couple other points I still have to think about more / experiment with:
- y-axis shared boxes (I thought switching to create shared axis box and then drawing a horizontal rubberband encompassing plots in a same line would create a series of plots sharing y axes, but apparently it's not as simple as that?)
- the save as default thing which also triggers apply

I also have some points for the longer term, but I'll save them for later to stay focussed on the next "bugfix" release.

I don't know it others have some feedback to do, now would be the time. 
I haven't tested everything yet and there are probably pretty broken things in less-used areas (event detection?), but at least those low hanging fruits should nicely improve user experience in the more often-used areas.
When that list is done, I think 2.0.6 should be released.


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