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Hi, Matt

On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 3:08 PM, Truch, Matthew - 0775 - MITLL <
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> A few bugs to report.
> First: I have an ascii file, and # is in my list of comment delimeters.
> When a line starts with # it is not ignored by kst.  This is giving me some
> nan's in my data vectors (because the comment lines are all text, no
> numbers) which is ok as kst just doesn't plot them.

A Bug.  I will look at it.

> Second: I have some nan's in my data.  This causes low pass filtering to
> fail (and perhaps other filters, I didn't try).  I'd expect the filters to
> ignore the data points with nan's and still filter the rest.  Or something
> like that.  Instead, it happily produces output vectors which are 100% nan.

A wishlist to add an 'interpolate over NaNs' option to the Fourier Filter
plugins might be worthwhile.

> Third: If you include a curve which is all nan's in a plot, none of the
> curves in that plot are shown (the axes are scaled to show nothing like a
> blank plot would be scaled).  Instead, if you have a plot showing nice
> happy
> data and you add a curve to that plot which is entirely nan's, I'd expect
> the plot to not change in appearance (since plotting the all-nan-curve
> should be a no-op, i.e. no points/lines are drawn and auto-scale should
> ignore nan's).

A Bug.  I will look at it.

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