[Kst] kst 2.0.4 on Windows bugs...

Truch, Matthew - 0775 - MITLL matthew.truch at ll.mit.edu
Tue Jan 17 20:08:29 UTC 2012

A few bugs to report.

First: I have an ascii file, and # is in my list of comment delimeters.
When a line starts with # it is not ignored by kst.  This is giving me some
nan's in my data vectors (because the comment lines are all text, no
numbers) which is ok as kst just doesn't plot them.

Second: I have some nan's in my data.  This causes low pass filtering to
fail (and perhaps other filters, I didn't try).  I'd expect the filters to
ignore the data points with nan's and still filter the rest.  Or something
like that.  Instead, it happily produces output vectors which are 100% nan.

Third: If you include a curve which is all nan's in a plot, none of the
curves in that plot are shown (the axes are scaled to show nothing like a
blank plot would be scaled).  Instead, if you have a plot showing nice happy
data and you add a curve to that plot which is entirely nan's, I'd expect
the plot to not change in appearance (since plotting the all-nan-curve
should be a no-op, i.e. no points/lines are drawn and auto-scale should
ignore nan's).  

Matthew Truch
Group 75
MIT Lincoln Lab
matthew.truch at ll.mit.edu

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