[Kst] Import of CR+LF character files problem

syoma at meta.ua syoma at meta.ua
Thu Apr 26 10:30:46 UTC 2012

Hi all,
Thank you for the great tool. But unfortunately I have some problems with
impoting ASCII files.
Our software creates text log files, which were normally imported with
MATLAB. The files are TAB separated data with Header with Column names.
But when I tried to import them with KST2 I met with problem: the files
were not imported.
I analyzed the files and found that my header had CR(0x0D) + LF(0x0A)
characters at the end of each line, but data lines were separated only
with LF(0x0A) character.
I tried to use another file from my older software which had only LF
character - worked. File with CR+LF character worked.
So only it seems that file with mixure of CR+LF and LF only character can
not be imported.
So my dummy question - can KST2 be modified in order to be able to
translate such files? For me it is not so possible to modify my software,
and By the way MATLAB, as well as Excel import such files without any

Regards, Artyom

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