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Brisset, Nicolas Nicolas.Brisset at eurocopter.com
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I think this initiative could be very interesting for both us and the


We have a lot of things which we could propose, "junior jobs" which can
be done without too much effort or prior knowledge. Here is a first list
sorted according to the categories in the blog post, feel free to


1.       Code:

a.       Support for Matlab .mat files

b.      Generic support for XML data sources

c.       Generic support for SQL data sources

d.      Support for binary formats with a format description (like
okteta's structures tool)

e.      ASCII data source: support for date/time (config UI + code)

f.        Infrastructure for data sinks (modeled after the netCDF API?)

g.       Scripting also under Windows (?)

2.       Documentation: that one is obvious, kst documentation needs to
be refreshed. It would also be an opportunity to test all features and
see what people understand and what not

3.       Outreach: 

a.       Establish and structure a dedicated kst area on forum.kde.org

b.      Try to contact high schools/universities where students have to
work on IT projects, and see if they would contribute to kst to
implement some of the ideas above (and more), as they've been doing in
Toulouse for a few years now. Could be a real win-win situation:
students can work on a real project and learn a lot of things in a
gratifying environment, and kst gets more features and developers

4.       Quality assurance:

a.       Provide more tests (either unit-tests or high-level tests)

b.      Various checks (from labels and tooltips to proper behavior of
all tools/options or tab order)

5.       Research: how to reintegrate KDE features when KDE is
available. See recent post on the list and how marble is doing it -
certainly something of general interest for KDE. See also

6.       Training: could be combined with the documentation item. For
instance, provide sample files and tutorials (including the video ones I
want to do and don't come to doing?). Though I'm not sure this is what
code-in is about...

7.       Translation: there were several requests around that recently,
including a very constructive mail with recommendations on how to do it.
So, do it!

8.       User Interface:

a.       Definition of what the new "table-like" vector view/edit dialog
should be, so that we can offer a workflow a la labplot/Origin. Based on
a comparison with qtiplot/scidavis, labplot, Origin, etc...

b.      The salve vector discussion / alias topic which we can't seem to
finally solve

c.       ...


It definitely sounds like an opportunity to me! I'd be ready to support
with ideas and links to existing code we can reuse, and possibly even
some code (or better code review), though for that others are probably
better qualified.

What do you think?




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