[Kst] Tasks for Google Code-In

nicolas.brisset at free.fr nicolas.brisset at free.fr
Mon Nov 14 23:03:51 UTC 2011


as discussed some time ago, I have just added some Kst tasks to the KDE Google Code-In Page (http://community.kde.org/GoogleCodeIn/2011/Ideas). After Lydia's feedback and for a first participation I limited to the following "easier" proposals:
- Kst: add Matlab .mat data source using matio
- Kst: date/time support for the ASCII data source
- Kst: refresh Kst documentation for Kst 2.x
- Kst: set-up dedicated forum on forum.kde.org
- Kst 2.x: get ready for translation

I don't even know how big chances are that we get a single student, but at least we'll have tried it! And the identified "junior jobs" can be reused at a later time...

So, get going: promote those ideas!


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