[Kst] Cannot open ascii files with 2.0.3

Svenn Are Bjerkem svenn.bjerkem at googlemail.com
Wed May 18 15:32:24 CEST 2011

excuse me for maybe being completely ignorant.

I have been using kst 1.8 for a while and have comma separated data
files which have been read by that version.
I now decided to give 2.0.3 a try and downloaded from svn and did a
./build-kst and sudo ./install-kst
Starting kst2 and checking the Help->About tell me I have kst 2.0.3.
Now, using the data wizard, I try to locate one of my comma separated
files which run with kst 1.8.
I can select the file, but the 'choose' button is deactivated. It also
fall into my eyes that the dialog is a 'Find directory' dialog.
I then try to create a vector from file (not using the wizard), but
the same happens again, I am not allowed to select a file.
I then test the data in sample_data, both compressed and uncompressed
in case the .txt or .txt.gz is important. Same experience.

I am compiling on opensuse 11.3 which has been very stable with other
qt based applications, but I recall that I used to have this 'Find
Directory' dialog issue when I tried to compile kst 2.0 long time ago.
Is there any known issues when having kst 1.8 installed on the same
machine as 2.0.3?

Could somebody give me some feedback on the title of the window where
an ascii data file can be successfully selected and opened?

Kind regards,

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