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I also had some issues in the past with files being rewritten from the
beginning (a simulation being restarted for instance): I have never done
it, but I wanted to add a check in update() that the file size is always
growing, which should be the case. And maybe also that the file has at
least the size of the already processed header. If it's not the case, we
could simply set something to invalid and wait until the size is big
enough to trigger a reset().

It would be cleaner and probably help in such cases.

The question is whether we could do it in a general way, or if each data
source has to handle it specifically (which I think is the case).


What I find interesting is that it seems loading matrices is working,
whereas Barth said the other day it's nbot yet supported with the kst2
ASCII datasource. So is it kst 1.x or 2.x? And how much work is it to
reactive loading ASCII matrices in kst 2.x?





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I haven't been able to find answers about this in the handbook.


In a file somewhere, I am dumping regurlarly a ascii matrix, this is

great...kst update the plots and everything's fine...


Doing the same thing with ascii vectors (a file with several columns of
numbers, which is recreated periodically) is causing all sorts of

Plots are partially updated, or I get crashes

I guess the lack of header info is causing the problems.....


How should I tackle this, change the format?


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