[Kst] Re: How to integrate KST into a QtCreator design?

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Mon Feb 21 22:06:29 CET 2011

> Our use case: to make a rather flexible GUI for lots of measurement systems
> that we use in our research and education in automation and robotics. So,
> each setup requires a slightly different interface, but typically consists
> of some plotting windows, some sliders, "digital" parameter value monitors,
> dials, radio buttons, numerical tables, etc.

Hi Hermann,

ok, you wanna use Kst widgets in your application like normal Qt widgets.
In principle Kst architecture supports this: the libraries src/libkst,
src/libkstmath, and src/libkstwidget are used to build the application 'Kst'.

I don't know how good these libraries are in a 'foreign' environment,
means how usable the widdgets are without all the other Kst code.
But there is still designer code in some files. which could be reactivated
if it does not work already.

And we are definitively interested in a widespread use of Kst's code in
other projects. But I assume it needs some work.

I don't wanna drive you away from Kst, but do you know qwt?
a library designed to be used by other programms.


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