[Kst] Re: How to integrate KST into a QtCreator design?

Herman Bruyninckx Herman.Bruyninckx at mech.kuleuven.be
Mon Feb 21 15:49:43 CET 2011

On Mon, 21 Feb 2011, Brisset, Nicolas wrote:

> Hi Herman,
> nice to know you are using kst :-) I don't know the complete code base so
> well, so you'll probably get a better answer from Barth or Peter... or
> the people who started the port to Qt4 long ago (George Staikos'
> colleagues before their company was bought - maybe some are still
> listening?).
> I remember that some refactoring was done in the past to allow reuse of
> kst widgets (which at some point appeared in the QtDesigner palettes) or
> other classes, like plots/curves/vectors and so on.
> Now, I don't know exactly what it is that you are missing. Maybe it would
> be better to add functionality to kst to suit your needs, instead of
> taking it apart to reuse parts in your own code. Could you maybe describe
> your use-cases a bit so that we get an idea of what you are missing?

I definitely do _not_ want to taking KST apart, on the contrary: I am
wandering to what extent KST plotting windows can already be used as
"widgets" in QtCreator.

Frankly, I am more than a bit surprised to learn that integration with KST
is not high on the priority list of an official KDE project :-)

Our use case: to make a rather flexible GUI for lots of measurement systems
that we use in our research and education in automation and robotics. So,
each setup requires a slightly different interface, but typically consists
of some plotting windows, some sliders, "digital" parameter value monitors,
dials, radio buttons, numerical tables, etc.

> Nicolas


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>> Betreff: [Kst] How to integrate KST into a QtCreator design?
>> Dear all,
>> our research group is a rather intensive user of KST, but more and more we
>> also need other GUI components, so looking at QtCreator seems like the
>> normal thing to do. On the KST website, I find only very little
>> information
>> about how to use KST in QtCreator. Did I overlook something, or is there
>> somewhere a "how to" or other kind of tutorial about this topic?
>> Herman
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