[Kst] translation of kst

Jaap Woldringh jjh.woldringh at planet.nl
Fri Feb 18 16:40:06 CET 2011


Now a few years ago I translated kst into Dutch. I am the only person
(ahum) in the Dutch KDE translation team who can handle this
specialistic translation, having a university degree in Astronomy,
Physics and Mathematics (Groningen).

A few days ago I asked the coordinator of this translation team to send
me the necessary kst.po's, for the program (which is superb) and it's
documentation, just to make the translation up to date again.

He could not find any.

On my computer, which runs Ubuntu 10.04, the latest LTS version, the kst
that is in the repositories, is an ancient 1.7.0 version, for KDE
3.5.10, which is probably very obsolete.

Now I ask this:

Is this program still maintained? I found somewhere that now there exist
2 versions, kst1 and kst2, the latter understanding Matlab instructions
(and so Octave instructions too, I think :), which is really great).

If so: how do I obtain the necessary most recent kst.po files (GUI and
documentation)? Even if kst is not a part of KDE anymore (but then why
am I sent to this email address, if it isn't?), as this program does
deserve a proper translation, which for me is into Dutch.
Where can I find the most recent kst(1 and/or 2) programs to install
them on my computer?

To whom can I send the translated kst.po files, so that this person can
commit them for me?

Thank you very much for your attention,


Jaap Woldringh
<jjh.woldringh at planet.nl>

(a CC goes to the KDE translation team coordinator)

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