[Kst] Re: Bug in ASCII fixed-width

Matthew D Truch matt at truch.net
Sun Feb 6 16:25:57 CET 2011

> >> NOTE: the -F option opens a new datasource which may be of a completely different type, and so ignores any datasource configuration parameters that may have been stored in the kst file.
> > Oops! I had not thought of that, but I believe it's an issue! In *all* the cases I used -F, the files had the same format. I'm pretty sure chances are much higher that you get the data correctly if you reuse the settings and only change the filename, than reading the file as if it were completely new. If we want to refine it a bit, we could possibly distinguish:
> > - same file type (i.e. datasource plugin) =>  reuse settings stored in the .kst
> > - different file type: read as if it were new

I'm going to pull an AOL style¹ "me too".  Since 95% of the time people
are going to be using the same type of datasource the settings should be
reused if possible.  Obviously if it's different we can't.  

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