[Kst] Re: branches/work/kst/portto4/kst/src/datasources/ascii

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Sun Feb 6 09:57:13 CET 2011

On 05.02.2011 19:39, Nicolas Brisset wrote:
>>> I don't know if that is clear, but when we have delimiters or
>> fixed-width columns empty fields/units can appear. I believe
>> QString::KeepEmptyParts makes more sense then.
>> Are you sure it wouldn't break anything?
> I am not 100% sure, but quite confident nonetheless. Units are new, so we can't break anything there. And having empty fields is not really supported, so I don't think people will have files where they use them, and as the rest goes by the name, as long as names are preserved we should be fine.
> Which lmakes me realize that the idea to trim names with whitespace may break some files. But I think we can live with it. Let's just keep it in mind so that we can answer quickly if people run into the issue.

OK, then let us switch to KeepEmptyParts.


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