[Kst] Re: Bug in ASCII fixed-width

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Sat Feb 5 14:33:29 CET 2011

>> On a related note, I was wondering what happens if we indicate fixed-width but there are some characters missing at the end of the last column (like stripped whitespace). It should not crash, and if possible even read the results correctly. I haven't tried yet, so maybe it already works, but I see potential for problems there.
> For each number we calculate the position by starting at the beginning of the row by adding an offset:
> 	_rowIndex[i] +  col_start
> so it is not important how long the last column is.
> But reading could we a bit faster if we have a constant row length,
> then we could use a constant integer in the loop which should be faster
> than looking up the index for the row start.

Here some numbers:
msvc : 0.51s -> 0.44s  15% faster
mingw: 0.71s -> 0.58s  22% faster

Maybe the numbers for gcc are better under Linux and I assume here the
results strongly depend of the optimization capabilities of the compiler.

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