[Kst] On the way to 2.0.3

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at free.fr
Sat Feb 5 02:28:55 CET 2011


just a quick recap of what's left on the agenda for 2.0.3. I have tested it a bit, and globally speaking it works well. I'll try to do some screencasts now and I see what I come across. 
Auto-layout tends to get on one's nerves, as well as top labels. But I don't know if we should try to fix them prior to 2.0.3. Auto-layout is too much I think, for labels we may have to look at it, as it is linked with the changes done by Barth, which I think we should finalize (see below).

So what's left in my opinion is:
- fixing Reimund's bug (is someone actually working on that one?) - as said previously I suspect the .kst is not being read properly, the file only gets loaded correctly is QSettings is good
- finalizing Barth's changes to label/margin suppression, that is:
  1) deciding where to put the options ("Labels", or "X/Y-Axis"). I still tend to favor the 1st option. But we could also just add a text label to the user saying that he should look elsewhere, that may do the trick
  2) I think the option should be added at the datawizard level, where there currently is "Rescale all labels on tab" (what is that, by the way?)
  3) making sure that the top label disappears when you suppress it, currently it seems it only gets moved down to the area inside the axes!

Other than that, the Windows installer is pretty cool. Looks much more professional :-)
I haven't tried packaging under Linux yet, but that's also something we have to look into. Maybe we can be among the first projects to try Bretzn (http://socialdesktop.org/bretzn/)? 


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