[Kst] kst 1.x and 2.x file naming conflicts

Steve Benton sbenton at physics.utoronto.ca
Wed Apr 6 23:22:02 CEST 2011


In building a debian package for kst2, I've encountered a small
collection of files that are also installed by the existing kst (1.x)
package. This appears to result from incomplete renaming from "kst" to
"kst2", and possibly from legacy bits in the source tree that are no
longer used.

These files are (with a /usr install prefix):

I think the kst.desktop file creates a menu entry, but I can't identify
the use of any of the others. As such, I worry that removing or renaming
these files in the package will break some functionality I'm not aware of.

Moreover, it seems the removing/renaming shouldn't just occur in the
debian package as similar difficulties would be encountered by somebody
installing from source. Can somebody that knows what these files are for
provide some insight into what can be done with them?


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