[Kst] Plot Live data problems on MS-Windows kst2.0-b3

Peter Milne peter.milne at d-tacq.com
Sat Sep 25 20:14:34 CEST 2010

Hi Peter

Just started to use kst2.0-b3, but this problem shows up [same on b1,
sorry to be so slow to report]:

So, for plotting live data from a network file share, we have the new
'Time Interval' feature.

On my system, it "works", but it's far from ideal.

What appears to happen:
- the data plots.
- the plot updates.
At lease, the left hand side of the time scale [old data] advances.
But the right hand side [new data] either doesn't update or updates
_very_ slowly. With the result that, the timebase window on screen is
continuously shrinking, and after about 5 updates, the timescale
window on screen is very short and the plot is blank.

A second issue, this is the "front-to-back" line effect raised here:

At the time Barth pointed out that the data generator _must_ update
the "reference field" last, and after changing the generator code to
the appropriate sequence, the problem was resolved [at least on KST on

So currently the situation is - plotting live data from a SAMBA share
under KST on Linux, works perfectly, both updates, timescale and
appearance of the plot, but under MS-Windows, it's less than ideal.
It's not the end of the world, because it's possible to force the
screen to update by pressing the Refresh button..

Best regards


ps: b3 : the new "Manager", "Wizard" icons are cool, but the
left-right sequence across the screen doesn't really reflect my
workflow -  I'd prefer something like the old order of where "Wizard",
generally the first thing you do, was near the left.

Peter Milne www.d-tacq.com

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