[Kst] [Bug 236471] Need to display plot names/legends in combo box

stevebenton at rogers.com stevebenton at rogers.com
Mon May 10 20:32:11 CEST 2010


--- Comment #7 from  <stevebenton rogers com>  2010-05-10 20:32:09 ---
The left labels in this case are taken from special units strings in the
dirfile. The top label defaults to the name of the field[s] being plotted---as
seen by the data wizard. When the special units strings aren't present, I think
the left label also becomes the field name.

I think in cases where the plot title (top label) contains separate information
from the legend (ie. when both aren't just the field name), it is preferable to
preserve the title when changing to shared axis mode. Maybe it could be added
as a string to the top right of the plots?

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