[Kst] DirFile RAW INT16/s type broken?

Peter Milne Peter.Milne at d-tacq.com
Fri Jan 29 15:41:21 CET 2010

Hi Andrew

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> Subject: Re: [Kst] DirFile RAW INT16/s type broken?
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> Using the 1.7.0 version of the dirfile datasource and the current version 
> (1.9.0_devel)
> I get the same results for a simple data source using both u (UINT16) and s 
> (INT16) data types.
> Peter, would it be possible for you to post a copy of your dirfile data so I 
> can test with that?

Please take a look at the data from here:

Example Data:

untar, open DirFile, plot V01 .. V08
The size is 100K (already reduced from 6MB).

Example Output:
http://www.d-tacq.com/tmp/kst1.7-good.pdf :
		shows sine waves scaled +/-6V*
http://www.d-tacq.com/tmp/kst2.0-bad.pdf  :
	same data, shows sign and scaling error.

* is it good? On closer inspection, the vertical steps do not look 
correct. However, that's a separate issue, could be in the data.
> If you could also give details on where you see the discrepant values that 
> would be good.
> Andrew

ps: OT:
Another change from 1.7 .. 2.0 : selecting multiple fields.
1.7 allows an old-style click, shift-click to select a range.
2.0 doesn't do this, but allows a click and drag, which is cool, but I 
find it harder to use. Could we have both methods please?.

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