[Kst] Open a file fails because widget only accepts directories

Svenn Are Bjerkem svenn.bjerkem at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 20 16:51:17 CET 2010


I have compiled svn 1077649 of the qt4 port, and have the problem that
opening files give me a widget that only accepts directories. I can't
select a csv file with the data wizard.
Opening .kst files give me nothing in data manager.
I first installed the version available for openSUSE and also saw this
problem, so I decided to compile my own version. I then discovered
that the directory browser widget came up in the same directory as the
pre-compiled version. I am looking for any configure files for kst
that I maybe need to delete.
I also see that I have to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /usr/local/lib64 to
get kst2 to run. (same with precompiled binary for openSUSE)

Any help?

Kind regards,

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