[Kst] does DirFile /INCLUDE allow absolute paths

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Tue Aug 31 20:42:11 CEST 2010

On 29.08.2010 23:11, Peter Milne wrote:
> Hello Kst
> DirFile with /INCLUDE directive is giving me a nice unified data 
> structure, at least under Linux using relative paths, but it fails under 
> MS-Win because the top level items are absolute paths, and I can't get 
> the /INCLUDE directive to work for them.
> Absolute paths don't seem to work under Linux either, but fortunately 
> the OS is flexible enough not to need them.
> Background:
> Two data sources each export their data as SAMBA file shares.
> Under Linux, it's easy to configure a single DirFile tree with /INCLUDES 
> with relative paths all the way down, eg
> ls -lR ROOT | cut -c 39-
> acq132_055 -> /home/pgm/.gvfs/multivent on acq132_055/
> acq132_085 -> /home/pgm/.gvfs/multivent on acq132_085/
> format
> cat ROOT/format
> /INCLUDE ./acq132_055/format
> /INCLUDE ./acq132_085/format
> so acq132_055, acq132_085 are digitizers exporting their data on a SAMBA 
> export in DirFile format
> Under MS-Windows, there are mounts like
> \\acq132_055\multivent
> \\acq132_085\multivent
> Unfortunately:
> - MSW didn't seem to support the concept of a file system with a single 
> root, so I can't install the appropriate format file at \\ (not a disk)
> I've wasted much time following up the mess of MS "Symbolic Links" aka 
> "junction" (NTFS only) and "Short Cuts" (not really symlinks at all).
> - KST doesn't seem to support absolute /INCLUDE paths
> (tried every combination of '\' and '/').
> This could be included under
> [Bug 221689] Relative and absolute data file paths in kst - msg#00025,
> although in that case Nicolas Brisset is referring to .kst state files 
> rather than internal to DirFiles.
> It's not a show stopper, because one can run the Data Wizard multiple 
> times on each separate tree, but it could/should be improved.
> Please comment.

So the question is if we could support files containing /INCLUDE lines in Kst.

I think this is worth a bug report.


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