[Kst] does DirFile /INCLUDE allow absolute paths

Peter Milne Peter.Milne at d-tacq.com
Sun Aug 29 23:11:40 CEST 2010

Hello Kst

DirFile with /INCLUDE directive is giving me a nice unified data 
structure, at least under Linux using relative paths, but it fails under 
MS-Win because the top level items are absolute paths, and I can't get 
the /INCLUDE directive to work for them.

Absolute paths don't seem to work under Linux either, but fortunately 
the OS is flexible enough not to need them.

Two data sources each export their data as SAMBA file shares.
Under Linux, it's easy to configure a single DirFile tree with /INCLUDES 
with relative paths all the way down, eg

ls -lR ROOT | cut -c 39-
acq132_055 -> /home/pgm/.gvfs/multivent on acq132_055/
acq132_085 -> /home/pgm/.gvfs/multivent on acq132_085/

cat ROOT/format
/INCLUDE ./acq132_055/format
/INCLUDE ./acq132_085/format

so acq132_055, acq132_085 are digitizers exporting their data on a SAMBA 
export in DirFile format

Under MS-Windows, there are mounts like

- MSW didn't seem to support the concept of a file system with a single 
root, so I can't install the appropriate format file at \\ (not a disk)
I've wasted much time following up the mess of MS "Symbolic Links" aka 
"junction" (NTFS only) and "Short Cuts" (not really symlinks at all).

- KST doesn't seem to support absolute /INCLUDE paths
(tried every combination of '\' and '/').

This could be included under
[Bug 221689] Relative and absolute data file paths in kst - msg#00025,
although in that case Nicolas Brisset is referring to .kst state files 
rather than internal to DirFiles.

It's not a show stopper, because one can run the Data Wizard multiple 
times on each separate tree, but it could/should be improved.

Please comment.



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