[Kst] [Bug 247527] Build from sources appears to complete correctly but result crashes with signal 6 when executed.

Andrew Walker arwalker at sumusltd.com
Sat Aug 21 01:34:34 CEST 2010


--- Comment #11 from Andrew Walker <arwalker sumusltd com>  2010-08-21 01:34:30 ---
I didn't see the attachments. If you sent them by email then try adding them
from the website instead. This generally works better.

I suspect that the only problem you're having is feeding in the data.

I don't believe that kst supports something like:

kst -x1 -y2 -y3 -y4 -y5 -m1 -n600 -F stdin /home/kst/myApp.kst

i.e. you can't change a datafile in a .kst file to use stdin.

However, both of the following, for example, should work fine:

cat newData.dat | kst -x1 -y2 -y3 -y4 -y5 -m1 -n600 stdin
kst -F newData.dat /home/kst/myApp.kst

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