[Kst] [Bug 247527] Build from sources appears to complete correctly but result crashes with signal 6 when executed.

wb666greene at gmail.com wb666greene at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 22:24:50 CEST 2010


--- Comment #10 from  <wb666greene gmail com>  2010-08-20 22:24:46 ---
Here is the command line I'd like to work:  (it should based on the
documentation as I understand it)

kst --geometry=1000x600+800+500 --caption "Stripchart" -x 1 -y2 -y 3 -y 4 -y
5 -m 1 -n 600 -F stdin voms.kst

Problem is this doesn't work in version 1.5 from Ubuntu 8.04 so I've tried
building 1.9.1 from source which seems to compile correctly but doesn't work
at all, presumably for lack of the ASCII data source.

Attached is the kst.input data file that I created the voms.kst template
file from.

This gives the errors about missing data sources when I try to reload it
with kst and choose the voms.kst file in the Quick start Dialog, although I
do get the plot layout and labels I'd like to use with the standard input.

 What should the KDEDIRS directory point to?  Help->About KDE in reports K
Kesktop Environment Release 3.5.10 Other KDE apps I use all seem to work OK.

I can't seem to find a kst specific bug report for the --geometry issue but
both 1.7.0 on Ubuntu 10.04 and the 1.91 I've built on 8.04  seem to honor
the window position offset, but ignore the window size.


On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 12:19 PM, Andrew Walker <arwalker at sumusltd.com>wrote:

> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=247527
> --- Comment #9 from Andrew Walker <arwalker sumusltd com>  2010-08-20
> 19:19:22 ---
> The d2asc is a separate executable and not of interest for what you are
> doing.
> It is the "ASCII File Reader" in /home/wally/kst/share/services/kst that is
> the
> datasource.
> If you see "ASCII File Reader" in the Kst->Debug->DataSources tab then the
> datasource is getting loaded. There will be something in the "Load
> Instance"
> column only once some data has been read in.
> It seems that the datasource is present, so there might be a problem with
> the
> data file itself. You could either try creating a very simple ascii data
> file,
> or attach the file you're using to this bug reportand I'll test it on my
> system.
> I would think that $KDEDIRS being initially empty is a problem and should
> probably be fixed.
> Could you give a bug report number, fixed or otherwise, for the --geometry
> problem you are having.
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