[Kst] X-axis time scale to match sample rate

Ben Lewis ben.lewis at egretengineering.com.au
Wed Oct 14 04:57:09 CEST 2009

I have an application where I log data multiple times per second.

Each line in the data file contains variable data only (i.e. no time 
data is recorded).  Time data is not needed as I know the test start 
time and the sample rate.

When I read a data file into KST I use the option to "interpret INDEX as 
INDEX".  I then plot the variable data (y-axis) against the index value 

I would like to be able to plot test data on a time scale rather than an 
index scale.  I cannot see an option to enter the sample rate.  What is 
the  recommended procedure for doing this?

Regards, Ben

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