[Kst] Kst 2.0 Install and Settings locations

Mike Fenton mike.fenton at torchmobile.com
Tue Jul 14 19:44:27 CEST 2009

Matthew D Truch wrote:
>> File Locations on Install
>> Note:  This change will only affect linux, Windows/Mac will not be changed.
>> The install location will be configurable using the environment variable
>> INSTALL_PREFIX, and will default to /usr
>> Library install location will be configurable using the environment
>> variable INSTALL_LIBDIR and will default to lib
>> Plugins will now be installed to INSTALL_PREFIX / INSTALL_LIBDIR / kst
>> It will also be possible to continue to run Kst from the build lcoation
>> without calling make install as the configured path will be provided as
>> an extra location to search and previous search paths will remain.
>> Thoughts and comments are welcome,
> I think this sounds good so far.  
> There also needs to be a "DESTDIR" environment variable that prefixes
> all install paths and is only set at the "make install" step and not at
> the "make step".  It's purpose is for packagers who need to install kst
> into a temporary virgin filesystem tree so only the kst bits can be
> packaged up (and later installed into the correct location (equivalent
> to DESTDIR=/) by the packaging system).  kst never needs to be able to
> run from the location set by DESTDIR, and in fact the binary or settings
> files shouldn't know about it either (it's temporary and only for
> staging during the package creation process).  
> So kst expects to be in /INSTALL_PREFIX/bin/kst with it's libraries in
> /INSTALL_PREFIX/INSTALL_LIBDIR/ but at the "make install" step they
> actually get but in /DESTDIR/INSTALL_PREFIX/bin/kst and
> Did my rambling just make sense?   

Sounds good to me.  I'll add the extra variable.


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