[Kst] Kst 2.0 Install and Settings locations

Matthew D Truch matt at truch.net
Tue Jul 14 17:55:25 CEST 2009

> File Locations on Install
> Note:  This change will only affect linux, Windows/Mac will not be changed.
> The install location will be configurable using the environment variable
> INSTALL_PREFIX, and will default to /usr
> Library install location will be configurable using the environment
> variable INSTALL_LIBDIR and will default to lib
> Plugins will now be installed to INSTALL_PREFIX / INSTALL_LIBDIR / kst
> It will also be possible to continue to run Kst from the build lcoation
> without calling make install as the configured path will be provided as
> an extra location to search and previous search paths will remain.
> Thoughts and comments are welcome,

I think this sounds good so far.  

There also needs to be a "DESTDIR" environment variable that prefixes
all install paths and is only set at the "make install" step and not at
the "make step".  It's purpose is for packagers who need to install kst
into a temporary virgin filesystem tree so only the kst bits can be
packaged up (and later installed into the correct location (equivalent
to DESTDIR=/) by the packaging system).  kst never needs to be able to
run from the location set by DESTDIR, and in fact the binary or settings
files shouldn't know about it either (it's temporary and only for
staging during the package creation process).  

So kst expects to be in /INSTALL_PREFIX/bin/kst with it's libraries in
/INSTALL_PREFIX/INSTALL_LIBDIR/ but at the "make install" step they
actually get but in /DESTDIR/INSTALL_PREFIX/bin/kst and

Did my rambling just make sense?   

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