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Barth Netterfield netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Thu Dec 3 16:02:32 CET 2009

On Thursday 03 December 2009 06:23:20 Brisset, Nicolas wrote:
> 1) it may be worth asking ex-Staikos Inc's people (particularly George,
>  Adam, Mike) who led the effort towards kst2 what they had in mind. I am
>  sure they know all the new stuff in Qt4 and what the original intentions
>  were and with that big picture in mind they could certainly give us good
>  hints, even though they are no longer contracted to do the work. Hey guys,
>  any of you still listening on this list and willing to give advice?

At the end of the day, there is no big architectural change we are making 
here: its just the cleanout of a lot of cruft and inconsistencies that cropped 
up from multiple programmers, over many years, including a lot of stuff from 
kst1.x.  The architectural intentions are clear - just not always followed.
> 2) kst2 has been in preparation for a very long time now, and it has lately
>  become useful for real work, especially on Windows where there is no kst
>  1.x option. I would not like to see it being postponed by weeks for such a
>  change, even though in the long run I fully support the intention to
>  maintain a clean code base. In fact, it reminds me a bit of the pre-KDE
>  4.0 Plasma situation: if you promise great things and let people wait too
>  long, frustration grows. That's certainly part of the reason why there is
>  a short-term straight port going on in parallel. We should remember the
>  so-called open-source mantra: release early, release often. That said, the
>  quality has to be acceptable (there again, remember KDE 4.0
>  experience...).

4.0 had serious marketing issues to go along with the length of the process. 
But in my mind, at the end of the day, while it was painful, the level of 
redesign will be of great long term value to the project;  I think that the 
same thing may apply here *if the changes we make are actually of value*.

So: My feeling is, major changes happen now, or never.

Can't decide which.


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