[Kst] kst2 and kst 1.x/port

Barth Netterfield netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Tue Dec 1 01:17:18 CET 2009

Andrew and I had a good chat today about the roles of kst2 and the 1.x port.
The goals of Andrew's 1.x/port are:

	Provide perfect compatibility with 1.8's scripting, command line, and file 
formats, with no new features planned, with a horizon of 3 years.

It is being written for the sole purpose of allowing LFI to continue to use 
1.8 at such time as the kde3 libs are no longer conveniently available, and 
the Auto* build systems have changed so much that compiling 1.x is no longer 
practical.  The horizon for the project is the end of LFI - approximately 3 

We discussed the possibility of just porting 1.x to use a more modern build 
system (eg, CMAKE), and not porting the code.  This would solve the issues of 
bit-rot in the build system, but not issues of the KDE3 libraries going away.  
(For reference, the GTK1.2 libraries are still available for Ubuntu).  Andrew 
will consider this, but currently favors the full port option.

He feels that the full port will take approximately 4 months.
The goals of kst2 are:
	To write a data viewing program based on kst1, with a horizon of a decade.

	Remove architectural errors made in 1.x
	Continued development of features
	Windows/Mac/Linux compatibility
	Feature compatibility, but not full compatibility with 1.x
		Ability to read the same data files as 1.x
		Ability to read, but not write kst1.x "kst files"
		A new, more powerful command line syntax, incompatible with 1.x
		A re-thought scripting paradigm, incompatible with 1.x

Andrew felt that that kst1.x compatible scripting in kst2 would be very hard - 
perhaps even harder than the 1.x straight port, and would leave us with a 
worse product than a 'from scratch' scripting paradigm for kst2.


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