[Kst] Does this feature exist?

Gunter Schelfhout gschelle at telenet.be
Wed Nov 19 18:05:28 CET 2008


I'm new to using kst. (using kst 1.6.0 on Ubuntu 8.10)

I looked already in the online handbook (not very thorough though).
The feature I'm looking for is when you click a point on a plot, this point 
will be a reference point and by moving over other points of the plot, the 
status bar will give the XY-values of that point like it does normally, but 
will also give the difference of the Y-values between this point and the 
reference point.

If it doesn't exist and in case it is not to difficult to implement, please 
consider it for any future versions.

Thanks a lot,

Gunter Schelfhout

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