[Kst] [Bug 115670] Reload needs to be more efficient

Andrew Walker arwalker at sumusltd.com
Thu Aug 28 01:26:05 CEST 2008


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--- Comment #10 from Andrew Walker <arwalker sumusltd com>  2008-08-28 01:26:03 ---
There does not appear to be any memory leak.

However, there are several efficiency problems with the current code:

* where reloading vectors that read from the same datasource object each cause
a reset on that data source, if reset is supported. It is only necessary to
call reset once per datasource object.

* if a datasource object does not support reset, then at the end of the reload
each vector will now read from a different, and newly created, datasource
object. It should be possible to have each vector refer to just one instance of
the datasource.

Another problem is that a reload can also be performed on a per vector basis
from the data manager. If multiple vectors hold the same datasource object then
they will all be updated, which may not be expected by the user.

The underlying problem seems to be as to whether the reload method belongs to a
vector or a datasource.

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