[Kst] Comments on the new plot dialog

Brisset, Nicolas Nicolas.Brisset at eurocopter.com
Fri Oct 20 15:37:14 CEST 2006

> On the other hand, I think you can hold multiple plot dialogs open.
Right, that works. But it clobbers the screen quite a bit ! I think I
still prefer the "single dialog with switchable contents" approach... 
> Single Clicking on the borders of a plot opens the dialog.   
> Currently double 
> clicking in a plot is used to select a plot object's dialog 
> (which needs to be made more consistent).
> Should we loose double clicking on plot objects to enable 
> double clicking on view objects?
Couldn't we have double-click for everything, in both layout *and* zoom
modes ? That would be very consistent ! If you double click on the plot
background (no plot object nearby) instead of doing nothing, you pop up
the plot dialog. Double-clicking the axes brings up the same dialog with
the corresponding tab open (X axis or Y axis according to which was
clicked). If you double-click a view object (if I'm not mistaken,
legends and drawing objects are view objects) you open the appropriate
dialog, and double-clicking a plot objects pops up its dialog...
By the way, I'm experimenting while writing this mail and I just got
confused by different behaviors between zoom and layout modes. In view
object mode (rectangle) double-clicking the plot opens up the plot
dialog, and if you have once opened a view object dialog (e.g. a
rectangle shape) then you keep on bringing up its dialog, even clicking
on other, unrelated plots. Well, it looks like this area needs a bit of
So let's first try to answer a very basic and central question: is there
any good reason to have different behaviors in zoom and layout/drawing
modes on double-click ? Is there anything that prevents us from popping
up the right dialog for the object that was just clicked ?

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