[Kst] update changes

Brisset, Nicolas Nicolas.Brisset at eurocopter.com
Thu Jun 1 14:42:18 CEST 2006

> I think Nicolas raises several issues. However, to deal only 
> with the suggestion that we go back to the ability to edit 
> the legend properties in the plot dialog:
> Not a good idea for several reasons:
> We want to move the plot dialog away from the Apply To 
> concept and switch to multiple-editing (as is already done 
> for several objects)
Why not, but I think this is going to take some time until it stabilizes
and provides all required features. What's more, plots are certainly
among the most complex objects, which is why they have such a big dialog
(multiple tabs are really needed). I find the current model quite good,
and I'd say multiple editing is mostly needed for other view objects. I
am not sure it is a good idea (for real estate concerns to begin with)
to apply the model currently used for vectors or curves to plots... I
think this may need further discussion.
> The old system was confusing as you could edit the same 
> object in multiple ways.
I think it is allowed usability-wise to be able to call a configuration
dialog from multiple places, as long as the dialog you end up with is
always consistent (which was not the case at some point, and that was
bad indeed). The proposal I made yesterday was in line with these

> A plot no longer really has the concept of a single legend 
> (though it is hacked in some places)
Maybe more of a problem, even though I think in the vast majority of
cases users will either display legends in all graphs, or some (by
grouping them accross plots), but many legends in one plot sounds like a
very strange idea, even if it is technically feasible. I believe the
previous UI could handle this without requiring major reworking.

> We should instead move to the edit-multiple method for the 
> legend objects.
As I said above, I would be cautious about moving towards this method
for plots. It would however work pretty well for legend objects, as long
as they can be easily spotted in the list of view objects. The current
names in Object# don't make it easy, but in the view manager (currently
not allowing to select multiple objects) their type helps recognize
them. There is surely a way to make this possible...

To sum up, I think the general plan sounds good (apart from the plot
dialog changes maybe), but if it is not too much work I would still like
to add back legend properties in the plot dialog as a temporary solution
until the edit-multiple method applies to view objects. As I have no
idea how much effort that would involve, I'll leave it to you "core" kst
developers to decide :-)


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