[Kst] In offset mode, [0] location

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Mon Feb 6 16:39:46 CET 2006

On Monday 06 February 2006 10:36, Marc-Antoine Miville-Deschenes wrote:
> The problem is not to have the [0] exactly aligned with the Y axis
> but is to have the reference in the legend to be on a "round value".
> For exemple when we load 1 minute of data we get something
> like "Sun Nov 7 2004 18:31:18 [seconds]" as the xaxis label.
> I don't mind having the [0] somewhere on the axis but I expect it
> to match with "Sun Nov 7 2004 18:31:00 [seconds]"

   Right now the time you input is the exact value on the axis, so we would 
just need to put the offset-0 marker there to get what you want.  The 
alternative that you suggest, though, is to load extra data.  That's another 

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