[Kst] kst and robotics

Bas Kemper kst at baskemper.be
Wed Aug 2 00:02:58 CEST 2006


I have a summer job at the robotics research group of the university of 
Leuven, Belgium. They are co-developers of a free software robotics control 
package (orocos.org) which generates realtime data (500 Hz) and should be 
plotted realtime.

The goals of my summer job are:
*Integrating Orocos with a plot program. The data stream is real time and thus 
asynchronously to the plotting process itself
*Ability to plot some data in 3D
*Speeding up the plot program to generate real-time graphics (> 80 Hz), 
probably by using OpenGL for plotting. This could maybe imply a port to the 
Graphics View framework of Qt 4.2 and kdelibs 4.0

There should be 2 view modes:
*Only view the last X seconds. In order to save memory, free the memory used 
by old data automatically
*When all data since the beginning of the experiment is used, resize the scale 
of the plot automatically in order to be able to show all data

Do you think implementation of those features is feasible given the Kst design 
and the rather short time I have available (1 month). Are those goals 
compatible with the vision of the core Kst developers? And what is the 
opinion on this list about refactoring Kst2 to a more object oriented design 
in order to share code with a newly created 3D plot object?

Bas Kemper
kst a t baskemper.be
bas a t jabber.belnet.be

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