[Kst] [Bug 114364] timezone is interfering with consistent plots

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Mon Oct 24 21:52:35 CEST 2005

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------- Additional Comments From staikos kde org  2005-10-24 21:52 -------
On Monday 24 October 2005 15:44, Andrew Walker wrote:
> ------- It seems the only problem was a user not understanding a feature. I
> don't think the quick hack was the right thing to do.

  They understand the feature and they don't like it.  They actually asked me 
to remove it altogether.

> Perhaps a better solution would be to indicate the timezone in the axis
> label, so that the user is aware of what timezone they are working in and
> can then change it if they want something different.

  I actually think they won't want this too.  They want to handle all time 
things themselves, and the whole concept of timezone disabled inside Kst.

> George, you say this can "...lead to misreading of plots and other real
> fiascos." Could you be more specific on what you mean by "other real
> fiascos". 

   Misinterpreting data, specifically.

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