[Kst] stripchart question (2)

Taco Walstra walstra at science.uva.nl
Mon Nov 7 17:21:52 CET 2005

On Monday 07 November 2005 13:28, Taco Walstra wrote:

Just a follow up. With this blast dirfiles it's working nicely, but the last 
question below is more important: how to get certain settings transferred 
without using commandline or user mouse actions.  I think I get it in short 
time to work by generating a new kst xml file and opening this file with the 
dcop interface (and closing automatically the previous), but perhaps there is 
an easier way? 
> Apart from this, is there an easy way of passing characteristics such a
> plot like the number of samples, counting from the end etc. (I mean by
> already running kst and no user mouse clicking).
> TW
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