[Kst] netcdf + multiple samples per frame

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Fri Mar 25 20:06:16 CET 2005

On Friday 25 March 2005 12:08, Kimberly Scott wrote:
> I have installed a new netCDF datasource reader that is a modified version
> of the one that Nicolas wrote.  It is designed to be able to read a field
> which has multiple samples per frame.  The reader works fine when the
> number of samples per frame for the field that we are plotting is 1.
> However, when the number of samples per frame is greater than 1, although
> Kst is able to read in the data, after it plots some of the first few
> values, Kst crashes and says "Alarm clock".  Can you tell me what this
> error(?) means?

  This is a crash in the memory allocator.

  Can you file a bug report against Kst at http://bugs.kde.org/ with a full 
step-by-step of how to reproduce it including any files we might need?  Also 
a stack trace would help.  You can get one by running Kst in gdb if drkonqi 
is not showing up.  I have netcdf setup here so I can test and see if it's a 
Kst bug, a netcdf bug, or a datasource bug.

> Also, if you have two fields that have a different ratio of samples per
> frame, and you tried to plot these two fields against each other, what
> would happen?  For example, if field X has 1 sample per frame but field Y
> has 10 samples per frame, could you plot Y vs. X, or is Kst unable to do
> this?

   They should be interpolated as needed, so it should work.  I don't know of 
any cases of vectors (off-hand) that can't be mixed.

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