[Kst] netcdf + multiple samples per frame

Kimberly Scott kscott at nova.astro.umass.edu
Fri Mar 25 18:08:31 CET 2005

I have installed a new netCDF datasource reader that is a modified version
of the one that Nicolas wrote.  It is designed to be able to read a field
which has multiple samples per frame.  The reader works fine when the
number of samples per frame for the field that we are plotting is 1. 
However, when the number of samples per frame is greater than 1, although
Kst is able to read in the data, after it plots some of the first few
values, Kst crashes and says "Alarm clock".  Can you tell me what this
error(?) means?

Also, if you have two fields that have a different ratio of samples per
frame, and you tried to plot these two fields against each other, what
would happen?  For example, if field X has 1 sample per frame but field Y
has 10 samples per frame, could you plot Y vs. X, or is Kst unable to do

Finally, in my netCDF datasource reader, I have the INDEX field counting
frames, as this seemed natural to me.  However, should INDEX be counting
the total number of samples for the field with the highest ratio of 
samples per frame?

Thanks for your help!


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