[Kst] RE: error message

Brisset, Nicolas Nicolas.Brisset at eurocopter.com
Fri Mar 18 09:34:01 CET 2005

> Hi Nicolas.  We have installed the newest version of Kst 
> which includes your netCDF datasource reader.  However, when 
> we try to use the Data Wizard or open a file, Kst crashes 
> with the error message
> kst: relocation error: /usr/lib/kde3/kstdata_netcdf.so: 
> undefined symbol:
> _ZN6NcFileC1EPKcNS_8FileModeEPjjNS_10FileFormatE
> Do you know why this is happening?  Have you encountered this problem?
I have occasionally had such problems, usually due to different, binary
incompatible, compiler versions used to compile kst and the datasource
(but this is very specific to my local installation, I suppose this does
not apply for you) or when the link phase went wrong. I'd suggest you go
to your datasource directory, "touch netcdf.cpp" run make and look at
the command used to link. Sometimes, for a reason I have not
investigated completely, the "-lnetcdf" flag is not there (seems to be a
configre problem). If that is the case, no doubt you're going to have
runtime problems. Look at the Makefile in the datasource dir, and check
that NETCDFLIBS is correctly set (I have seen problems there). If not,
you can just set it manually for now and it should compile and link
correctly. Another thing you have to be careful with if you use the .so
libraries is that your LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable should contain the
directory where your netcdf library resides, unless you installed it in
a standard location like /usr/lib.
> Also, how do we turn on kdDebug?  This will help us out when 
> we try to debug our own netCDF datasource reader.
I think it does not need to be explicitly turned on, your datasource
only has to work :-)
Used it like kdDebug() << "Value number " << i << ", var "" << field <<
": " << value << endl;
It handles all sorts of datatypes. Very easy :-) 

> Again, thank you so much.  We really appreciate all of the 
> help we've been getting from you and the other Kst folks!
I also find this list very friendly (as compared to Grace for example),
but I am just a tourist here compared to the real developers :-) Anyway,
small contributions are always appreciated and the code is well designed
so that you can change things in some parts (like datasources or
plugins) without needing to understand everything.


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