[Kst] creating a new datasource reader

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Wed Mar 16 18:20:53 CET 2005

On Wednesday 16 March 2005 11:51, Kimberly Scott wrote:
> > Well, you should have looked at kst CVS as I have programmed the netCDF
> > datasource a couple of weeks ago and it was commited back then
> I found your netCDF datasource reader on the Kst mailing list last month
> (message posted Feb 4, subject: netCDF datasource).  I've been modifying
> the code so that the reader can handle frames with multiple samples, as
> well as changing files.  Once I have tested this, I'd be happy to send you
> a copy of the files.
> Thanks for all of your help!

  Hi Kim,

   Sorry for the confusion earlier.  I am in the process of fixing the 
configure script for netCDF.  However the KDE anoncvs just went down for 
repairs and won't be up until tomorrow.  If you want, you can update Kst from 
CVS tomorrow to get the changes, or I can send you a diff of the changes I 

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